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Rp 96.000

The body scrub makes rough skin smooth by removing dead skin cells and impurities with its ingredient of walnut shells and keeps skin moisturized and soft for a long time with its coconut oil ingredient.

Rp 209.000

Whitening emulsion restores the skin's oil and moisture balance and makes the skin look bright and radiant. It boosts a healthy and clear complexion like flower petals by comfortably wrapping the skin's surface with a soft and nourishing milky texture.

Rp 97.000

Forget all the other existing mascara products. Different mascara for different eyelashes! Differentiated brushes for each eyelash type provide perfect doll eyelashes!

  • #1 Volume Pang
  • #2 Curling Pang
  • #3 Long Long Lash
  • #4 Brown
  • #5 Blue

Rp 97.000

Waterproof setting mascara against water and sweat~!

Rp 151.000

A weightless and virtually invisible liquid foundation that creates a demi-matte finish.

Rp 42.000

Rp 99.000

Light weight tint that gives vivid color & natural shine over the lips. Whole new concept of lip makeup tint with dual cap for anti-leaking.

Rp 144.000

Cover cushion for flawless complexion

Rp 144.000

Sweet cushion blusher for natural glow

Rp 172.000

Contains 100% pure cherry blossom extract

The vitalizing whitening cream makes skin tone healthy and brighter with a pinkish glow.

Rp 163.000

Contains 100% pure cherry blossom extract

Vitalizing whitening lotion that evens out and brightens skin tone

Rp 165.000

Contains 100% pure cherry blossom extract

Vitalizing whitening skin that makes skin tone bright and clear after washing the face