Rp 347.000

Brightening skin refiner that instantly soothes the skin and brightens it over time

Rp 340.000

A whitening tone up corrector that protects your skin from UV rays for natural skin tone correction.

Rp 419.000

A foundation with smooth texture and fast coverage for a naturally comfortable skin tone.

Rp 285.000

  • Two Step Perfect Cover
  • Bright and neat coverage
Rp 208.000

Pencil-type concealer that easily and rapidly covers partial blemishes like freckles.

Rp 322.000

A "Pure beam Blush" creating fair and lively looking skin.

Rp 341.000

Multi-cream for a bright and milky skin full of moisture making you feel as if you have applied essence brimming with moisture.

Rp 286.000

Lipstick that demonstrates excellent adherence to the lips with luxurious touch and delivers clear and vivid colors.

Rp 370.000

A concentrated essential cream that restores skin damaged by extreme dryness.

Rp 354.000

Soothing emulsion with mild texture and protecting skin barrier effect for healthy skin.

Rp 117.000

Pore strips that thoroughly absorb blackheads and excessive sebum.

Rp 228.000

A foam cleanser with a rich lather and mild cleansing ingredients for moisture-filled skin.

Rp 424.000

Light cleansing oil containing apricot seed oil that takes care of dead skin cells, creating a brightening effect without heavy feeling.

Rp 213.000

An oil-free lip & eye makeup remover formulated to remove waterproof/heavy makeup around eyes and lips.

Rp 272.000

A new 4-in-1 cleanser removes makeup, removes sunscreen, exfoliates and cleanses at once.