Rp 150.000

A rich, clear serum that softens skin and minimizes pores while providing deep hydration

Rp 118.000

This pore tightening clay mask purifies pores by absorbing sebum and impurities hidden inside pores.

Rp 175.000

This pore tightening pack & cream improves pore elasticity with the firm shape memory moisture gel.

Rp 169.000

This pore tightening serum tightens pores by improving the elasticity of skin around enlarged pores.

Rp 103.000

The cleansing scrub foam provides deep pore cleansing, it removes excess sebum and impurities from the skin with egg's albumin and baking powder, giving silky soft skin.

Rp 159.000

The intense pore-tightening ampoule makes rough skin with enlarged pores feel smooth and tight.

Rp 86.000

The scrub foam cleanser is especially adapted to clean skin with problematic pores so that the skin can be left perfectly clean.

Rp 87.000

Mud pack that cleanses pore-clogging impurities with bamboo charcoal from Damyang area.

Rp 133.000

This is a pore emulsion that organizes pores with its fresh texture and light finish.

Rp 167.000

This is a pore essence that tightens pores for smooth and firm pores.