Rp 94.000

The ultra-moisturizing soothing gel forms a refreshing moisture film over dry, flaky skin with its ingredient of aloe from pristine Jeju.

Rp 171.000

63.4% of Super Collagen™ water (Hydrolyzed Collagen) in the cream provides plenty of moisture for the skin.

Rp 122.000

This is a highly moisturizing emulsion that daily absorbs Baobab's pure moisture into skin for a clear and moist complexion.

Rp 163.000

Fantastic moisture care with aqua energy of wonderland where those one icebergs and hot spring water. Balance control between oil and water & skin calming gel lotion provides iceland glacial water, hot spring water, and abundant moisturizing ingredients.

Rp 224.000

This soft moisture skin toner, formulated with Jeju sparkling thermal water, delivers abundant minerals and moisture into your skin while helping brighten skin.

Rp 669.000

Highly moisturizing cream that strengthens the skin barrier for smooth and soft skin texture

Rp 522.000

Eye cream that renews and richly moisturizes sensitive eye contours for smooth eye contours with sufficient moisture

Rp 434.000

Gel-type toner that is absorbed into skin without stickiness, leaving a rich hydrating effect

Rp 199.000

Contains Real Rose Water 90.89%. Calming & moisturizing.

3 Free : No artificial pigment, No animal oil, No mineral oil.

Rp 257.000

Nature Republic Collagen Dream contains marine-collagen derived from deep sea in Indonesia and peptide, which helps inner and outer skin retain higher level of collagen. It also contains extract of Northern Brazil Acai Berry*, which is known as an effective antioxidant. With these highly effective ingredients, the Nature Republic Collagen Dream helps to keep your skin moisture, elastic and healthy.