Rp 24.000

Formulated with Pink Spot Powder, direct spot application adhesive patches care with translucent coverage.

Rp 139.000

This is an all-over moisture soothing gel that delivers quick moisture and soothing relief to exhausted and heated skin. (Application on both face and body recommended)

Rp 171.000

63.4% of Super Collagen™ water (Hydrolyzed Collagen) in the cream provides plenty of moisture for the skin.

Rp 33.000

No sebum, no trouble. The simple and effective dual-type pimple popper.

Rp 122.000

This is a highly moisturizing emulsion that daily absorbs Baobab's pure moisture into skin for a clear and moist complexion.

Rp 163.000

Fantastic moisture care with aqua energy of wonderland where those one icebergs and hot spring water. Balance control between oil and water & skin calming gel lotion provides iceland glacial water, hot spring water, and abundant moisturizing ingredients.

Rp 224.000

This soft moisture skin toner, formulated with Jeju sparkling thermal water, delivers abundant minerals and moisture into your skin while helping brighten skin.

Rp 146.000

This Jeju volcanic scoria clay mask intensively adsorbs sebum and clarifies skin pores.

Rp 107.000

A pore cleansing foam with Jeju volcanic clusters to attach to sebum and purify pores.

Rp 107.000

A scrub foam with Jeju volcanic clusters to purify pores and exfoliate dead skin cells.