Rp 105.000

Multi-expression revitalizing lip care stick.

Rp 51.000

A daily lip serum that creates moist and vibrant lips with avocado and honey

Rp 61.000

A lip balm that makes your lips moist and glossy with avocado and olive

Rp 61.000

A lip scrub that makes your lips  sweety and glossy with avocado and sugar

Rp 89.000

The water type tint stick instantly reacts to the moisture in the lips to give them a vivid and fresh color.

Rp 71.000

The tint lip balm softens and moisturizes dry, lifeless lips as it sweetly melts like Strawberry Jam.

Rp 71.000

The lip scrub makes the lips feel smooth and soft by gently removing dead skin cells from the lips with real strawberry seeds, walnut shell powder and sweet sugar grains.

Rp 71.000

The concentrated nourishing balm makes the lips healthy by forming an instant moisture film over dry, chapped lips with a transparent firm texture that feels like strawberry flesh.

Rp 62.000

This is a repair lip balm with a moist texture that glides lightly onto lips with a smooth and moist finish.

Rp 71.000

A tinted lip balm to ensure that dryness-prone lips remain healthy with beautiful soft color

Rp 115.000

Treatment lip tint moisturizes your lips with glossy natural finish

Rp 93.000

This is a colored lip balm that gives enriched moisture with 3-butter complex (contains Camellia Butter, Mango Butter, Shea Butter).

Rp 97.000

High-nutrient lip care solution to help dry lips to make nourished and hydrated

Rp 74.000

Moisturizing lip balm keeps the lips soft all day long with deep moisturizing natural butter.