Rp 70.000

Rp 86.000

Rp 71.000

The soft melting gel formula expresses 10-point perfect eye makeup that’s resistant to water and oil by setting fast!

Rp 75.000

Super slim pencil liner makes the eyes look defined with fine (1.5mm) intricate lines.

Rp 118.000

The brush liner made of Etude’s patented brush draws lines easily as if writing letters with the hand.

Rp 67.000

Choose Color :

  • #1 Dark Brown
  • #2 Gray Brown
Rp 90.000

A mineral-infused smudge-proof gel pencil eyeliner that tightlines for larger eyes and thicker lashes.

Rp 90.000

Make Your Eyes Sparkle~!

A waterproof gel eyeliner pencil that doubles up as an eyeliner and eye shadow for a delicate shimmer and shine.

Rp 144.000

The dual stamp liner provides defined eye line with a single application and cute tattoo stamp.

Rp 80.000

The multi-blending pencil expresses various makeup looks through the mix and match of different colors.

Rp 66.000

This is a gel-type pencil that comes with vivid colors and various textures for easy and fun makeup play.

Rp 112.000

The high-shine eyeliner gives your eye definition in a single stroke.

Rp 104.000

An always new eyeliner! Every time you close and open the cap, the tip will get sharp, like a new eyeliner!