Rp 379.000

KILL COVER FOUNWEAR CUSHION XP provides 48HR long-lasting effect with extremely high coverage and velvety matt finish.

Rp 46.000

This lip concealer even outs the redness in lips, creating a smooth and neutral surface for long-lasting lipstick application.

Rp 33.000

Formula does not smudge as easily without irritation gently smooth and soft lips, the outline of the rescue this naturally.

Rp 98.000

Make an impact with this vivid and glossy lipstick that looks as if your lips hold water drops. It contains tint formula for long-lasting effect and gives lightweight texture with non-sticky feeling.

Rp 70.000

Rp 240.000

The secret to ageless, dewy skin. VF21, acronym of Volume face 21, promises moisted resilient skin with a younger looking finish.

Rp 38.000

Crayon lip gloss in fruity colors and scents, gloss texture melts on skin contact to bind and supply glossiness to lips. Ceramide moisturizes and prevents moisture loss while soothing and replenishing lip texture.

Rp 42.000

Replacement :
 Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

Easy to apply and long-lasting, this gel-based tint provides lips with a healthy, flushed look on lips.

Rp 88.000

With its bright peach color, this pact provides smooth, natural, and healthy looking skin with just one touch.

Rp 85.000

Lovely item that create charming volume ("the cute" puffy bags) under eyes simply with 2 steps. Nutrition ingredient offers moisture to eyes and protects eyes. 4Free System (Paraben, benzophenone, ethanol, and talc).