Rp 123.000

The brush increases the adherence of the foundation by applying it thinly and evenly on the skin.

Rp 38.000

A lip brush that helps applying lipstick or lip gloss delicately, changing the shape of lips according to your taste

Rp 99.000

This is a multi brush with 4 types of different brush tips that will upgrade your makeup skills!

Rp 99.000

This foundation brush is ideal for flawless and smooth application of stick foundation, color stick or liquid foundation.

Rp 148.000

The smart blending brush with soft microfibre makes delicate and flawless makeup expression

Rp 78.000

A blusher&shading brush that helps apply blusher or shading product according to your facial contour naturally.

Rp 24.000

A brush for mask / pack application.

Rp 57.000

A diagonal line brush that is used to fill in eyebrows with a powder type products or blending in the colors gently.

Rp 170.000

'Powder brush' with soft bristles is perfect for lightly applying powder and blusher without leaving any lumps