Rp 186.000

This skin-fit BB cream makes skin look bright as it adheres lightly yet closely to skin.

Rp 159.000

The intense wrinkle-reducing ampoule makes damaged skin healthy and revitalized.
[Wrinkle improvement functional cosmetic]

Rp 55.000

A concealer with excellent fitting and perfect coverage for freckles, blemishes and dark cirles. It gives brightness and radiance to the skin for a flawless complexion.

Rp 114.000

Mousse-type, long lasting lip lacquer expresses excellent coloration as it softly melts on the lips.

Rp 111.000

Moisture cream daily sun cream spreads smoothly on the skin without leaving shine behind on the face.

Rp 94.000

The highly vivid, melting glossy lipstick makes lips look moist and glossy.

Rp 258.000

[Wrinkle improvement functional cosmetic]

The Diamond Cream keeps the skin elastic with the effects of a skin-lifting formula and peptides.

Rp 163.000

This toner contains pure moisturizing energy of the pristine New Zealand Harakeke! Effective moisturizing and firming toner keeps every droplet deep in the skin.