Rp 91.000

The cleansing foam suitable for sensitive skin provides mild cleansing with its rich foam containing aloe vera extract, leaving your skin relaxed and well moisturized.

Rp 103.000

The cleansing foam effectively removes shine from the skin by unclogging the pores with rich foam containing peppermint leaf and lime fruit extract.

Rp 103.000

The cleansing scrub foam provides deep pore cleansing, it removes excess sebum and impurities from the skin with egg's albumin and baking powder, giving silky soft skin.

Rp 159.000

The intense pore-tightening ampoule makes rough skin with enlarged pores feel smooth and tight.

Rp 190.000

Whitening Functional Cosmetic

The whitening essence with clear bright energy provides dazzling radiance to the skin.

Rp 123.000

Dermatologically Tested

Moisture soothing-type balancing emulsion for sensitive and problem skin

Rp 158.000

This emulsion contains pure moisturizing energy of the pristine New Zealand Harakeke!
Daily emulsion strengthens the skin's moisture retaining capabilities.

Rp 176.000

Experience the pure moisturizing energy of Harakeke from pristine New Zealand!
This highly concentrated eye serum is for dry and sensitive skin around the eyes.

Rp 199.000

The concentrated moisturizing cream provides moisture to sensitive, dry skin with its ingredient of New Zealand's harakeke root extract, the source of moisture energy, instead of water.

Rp 113.000

Pack & Massage Cream contains pomegranate seed oil and fermented bean extract, which provide rich nutrition and make your skin elastic.

Rp 16.000

These mask sheets contain various extracts to help keep your skin healthy and beauty.

Rp 86.000

A vitalizing mist that keeps the skin moist, refreshed and protected all day. The Saem’s Mojito Jelly Mist also offers skin brightening for a more radiant glow.

Rp 86.000

An oil-balancing mist that helps regulate the skin’s hydration levels to avoid too much sebum production and keep the skin looking fresh all day. The Saem’s Mojito Powdery Mist contains finely-sifted corn powder that absorbs excessive oil for a fresh, mattified look.

Rp 86.000

This water mist contains Phyto Cooling Complex to soothe stressed skin caused by the heat. Uses lime water instead of purified water to fills moisture and refreshes skin also controls sebum and eliminates shine.

Rp 94.000

The soft matte lipstick expresses a rich color tone.