Rp 690.000

Collagen hydra mask pack that quickly and easily adds vitality to the skin. It removes the sebum, resulting in flexible and elastic skin.

Rp 280.000

This essential sheet mask contains collagen which makes the skin elastic and Vitamin C which brightens dark and dull skin.

Rp 670.000

This luxury mask pack lets you experience a 30minutes miracle. It contains collagen and highly enriched ginseng essence that evenly penetrates into the skin making it healthy and shining.

Rp 980.000

Through the shape memorizing bio polymer, tired, loose, dry or rough skin recovers its natural texture of vivid and luminous one. Improve tired skin due to fatigue, an essence to make your skin remember how to be young again.

Rp 770.000

This is an advanced concept of auto make-up complete with a technical vibrate puff.

Rp 590.000

This aqua essence contains of variety ingredients such as super powerful aloe which is good for moisturizing and calming the skin from alll sorts of stress and weary dry skin from frequent outdoor activity.

Rp 375.000

This cleansing product cleans the skin that is exposed to fine dust and pollution from city life and even brightens your mood with the soft scent.

Rp 425.000

Oil control treatment gel that helps the skin into purification. This gel will help big pore areas such as the nose, forehead and the chin to control and purify the pore. It includes Salicylic Acid which is good for antibacterial skin trouble.

Rp 720.000

Eye cream that penetrates deeply into the skin around the eyes while performing anti-wrinkle action.

Rp 670.000

Visible smoothing and revitalizing beauty performance