Rp 244.000

This balm protects skin against external irritants while helping relieve irritated skin.

Rp 277.000

Double brightening effect of purely fermented Paeonia japonica extract and natural ingredients

Intensive Brightening with Multi-white Complex

Concentrated Brightening Serum

Rp 225.000

Twice-Fermented Whole Lotus Flower First Essence

Rp 277.000

Super Absorbent micro fermented water oil!

Rp 178.000

A pore essence that moisturizes enlarged and saggy pores while controlling sebum.

Rp 183.000

Contains 100% pure cherry blossom extract

The vitalizing whitening essence provides intensive care for blemishes and dull skin tone.

Rp 283.000

The intense moisture essence strengthens the skin's barrier by delivering moisture deep into the skin.

Contains 50% goat milk extract from New Zealand

The moisturizing essence contains the raw milk of goats raised in clean ranches in New Zealand. Goat milk, which has most similar components to human mother's milk, helps make the skin healthy and provides gentle skin-friendly moisture care to the skin. The highly concentrated moisturizing ampoule keeps the skin feeling moisturized, making it healthy and elastic as the ampoule is absorbed quickly into the skin.

Rp 405.000

The first-step essence doubles the moisturizing effect of products to be applied next

Rp 424.000

This essential essence vitalizes and smoothes skin by helping to care its rhythm and balance and strengthen its foundation. The ingredient of 100% pure Galactomyces Fermented Filtrate obtained through low-temperature fermentation processing makes rough, dull skin smooth and vitalized as it absorbs quickly into the skin. This essential boosting essence works effectively on all skin types and makes skin healthier.

Rp 276.000

Perfect for sensitive skin, this potent honey concentrate essence effectively protects, illuminates, and moisturizes skin. One step protects, illuminates, and moisturizes.

50% Black Bee Propolis Extract, 20% Royal Jelly Extract, 10% Royal Black Honey Extract.