Rp 244.000

This balm protects skin against external irritants while helping relieve irritated skin.

Rp 51.000

The hydrocolloid type spot patch minimizes the formation of scars and helps heal wounds faster by maintaining a moist wound environment.

Rp 124.000

Gentle on reddish sensitive skin, perfectly cleanses skin leaving it squeaky clean!

Refreshing and softening tea tree emulsion

Rp 7.000

Transparent spot patch for treating redness caused by skin troubles.

Rp 138.000

The spot treatment product soothes problem areas intensively and fast.

Rp 130.000

Skin calming for clear skin!

Bubble foam containing TEA TREE LEAF EXTRACT that deeply cleanses skin with soft, thick foam leaving skin feeling fresh.

Rp 42.000

This blemish extractor removes blemish and sebum and make the skin pure and clean.

Rp 99.000

This Spot Soothes Reddish Irritated Skin In Localized Areas Fast

Rp 142.000

The spot balm takes care of blotchy spots and forms a protective film on skin.

Rp 139.000

The cleansing water for skin with problems effectively removes makeup.