Rp 209.000

Whitening emulsion restores the skin's oil and moisture balance and makes the skin look bright and radiant. It boosts a healthy and clear complexion like flower petals by comfortably wrapping the skin's surface with a soft and nourishing milky texture.

Rp 365.000

[Whitening & Anti-wrinkle Functional Cosmetic]

[Contains Concentrated Golden Snail Essential Complex 21,000mg]

Anti-wrinkle eye cream provides a resilient barrier around eyes by reducing fine wrinkles.

Rp 277.000

Double brightening effect of purely fermented Paeonia japonica extract and natural ingredients

Intensive Brightening with Multi-white Complex

Concentrated Brightening Serum

Rp 454.000

[Brightening Cosmetic]

Gold snail The ingredient of 20% gold snail complex soothes skin and delivers rich nourishment.

White ginseng Revitalizes skin strongly and makes skin look clear. (white ginseng powder)

Brightening cream to lighten skin The moist whipped cream texture makes skin look bright as it softly melts into the skin.

Rp 225.000

Twice-Fermented Whole Lotus Flower First Essence

Rp 277.000

Super Absorbent micro fermented water oil!

Rp 66.000

[Whitening & Wrinkle Improvement]

The high-quality hydrogel mask makes skin feel elastic and moisturized with ingredients such as skin-revitalizing Goryeo red ginseng extract, 99% pure gold and silk amino acid.

Rp 279.000

A moisturizing, antioxidant-rich toner that protects skin from internal and external stress factors.

SKINFOOD's PHYTO MIRACLE™ extraction process yields maximum extract efficiency, while SUBMICRON™ Technology ensures maximum skin cell penetration for comprehensive, total skincare.

Rp 105.000

Contains whitening functional ingredients for clear skin 365 days a year! No more dullness! Instantly make your skin clean and bright!

Rp 172.000

Contains 100% pure cherry blossom extract

The vitalizing whitening cream makes skin tone healthy and brighter with a pinkish glow.