Rp 94.000

A lightweight foundation with grape extract that provides natural coverage while keeping skin hydrated.

Rp 151.000

A weightless and virtually invisible liquid foundation that creates a demi-matte finish.

Rp 142.000

A moist application and smooth finish with all the advantages of a foundation and a BB cream!

Rp 178.000

Long-lasting foundation provides perfect cover and thin, fitting feel.

Rp 211.000

A multitasking formula that delivers deep hydration, and complete coverage.

Rp 177.000

Full with bouncy moist collagen! Once water drops burst moisture goes Up! Moist foundation that completes flawless and smooth jelly-like skin.

Rp 127.000

A long lasting, multi-function foundation stick that glides onto skin completing smooth and flawless-looking face with the soft and creamy texture.

Rp 204.000

This highly enriched moisture foundation covers your skin with dewy moisture as if applied with essence.

Rp 66.000

The foundation with natural coverage that forms a defense barrier on the skin to protect it from harmful aggressors.

Rp 74.000

This foundation base enriched with vanilla extract for fair complexion.