Rp 62.000

A creamy spot concealer with high adhesion and coverage that thinly clings to skin and creates clean skin with zero blemishes with its full coverage.

Rp 112.000

Dark circle concealighter with moisturizing texture that brightens dark zones and covers blemishes on the face by lightly gliding on skin

Rp 67.000

Mild concealer for easy and fast coverage of blemishes

Rp 115.000

The 2-in-1 Concealer Duo naturally covers up blemishes with its smooth, closely-adhering liquid concealer and cover stick

Rp 95.000

This easily blendable cream concealer kit with three colors provides a customizable, complete coverage.

Rp 108.000

Cushion Concealer includes a finger cushion puff to cover flaws naturally anytime, anywhere with customized correcting color for complete, flawless skin.

Rp 62.000

This soft stick concealer hides flaws and blemishes for full, natural-looking coverage.

Rp 63.000

A creamy, liquid concealer that delivers the appearance of flawless skin all day long.

Rp 84.000

A color-mix concealer in the form of a hydrating cream that covers spots completely with a single sweep.

Rp 84.000

A liquid concealer with strong coverage to cover broad blemishes clean and smooth.

Rp 73.000

A stick concealer that applies smoothly to cover skin flaws and looks natural when applied with the included brush.

Rp 122.000

The perfect duo of liquid and cream stick concealers for flawless skin

Rp 114.000

The perfect duo of liquid and cream stick concealers for flawless skin

Rp 127.000

This Timeless Carat Dual Concealer covers various skin flaws perfectly and lasts long time, making your skin flawless.