Rp 118.000

The brush liner made of Etude’s patented brush draws lines easily as if writing letters with the hand.

Rp 67.000

Choose Color :

  • #1 Dark Brown
  • #2 Gray Brown
Rp 90.000

A mineral-infused smudge-proof gel pencil eyeliner that tightlines for larger eyes and thicker lashes.

Rp 90.000

Make Your Eyes Sparkle~!

A waterproof gel eyeliner pencil that doubles up as an eyeliner and eye shadow for a delicate shimmer and shine.

Rp 144.000

The dual stamp liner provides defined eye line with a single application and cute tattoo stamp.

Rp 80.000

The multi-blending pencil expresses various makeup looks through the mix and match of different colors.

Rp 66.000

This is a gel-type pencil that comes with vivid colors and various textures for easy and fun makeup play.

Rp 112.000

The high-shine eyeliner gives your eye definition in a single stroke.

Rp 104.000

An always new eyeliner! Every time you close and open the cap, the tip will get sharp, like a new eyeliner!

Rp 104.000

Powerproof brush pen liner, strong against water, sweat and sebum

Rp 60.000

Smudge-free Wonderful Smokey Eyeliner for defining and contouring your eyes.

Rp 84.000

A super-fine brush pen liner in two clear and feminine shades.