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Recommended Products

Rp 116.000

Rp 101.000

A soothing gel containing 99% aloe vera leaf juice from Jeju that calms the reddened and sensitive face and body. It can be used for hair essence, hair treatment, moisture cream & pack, eye care, after shave, body gel and hand & foot essence.

Rp 191.000

Brush liner helps you to draw clear eye lines with deep color. It is waterproof and no smudge formula so you can enjoy clear lines for a long time. Flexible brush is easy to draw fine and delicate eye lines without stimulation around eyes.

Rp 197.000

An innovative Lip Care Mask that creates an all-day smooth, firm lips by softly melting dead skin cells on the lips while you sleep and relieves troubles that could not be solved with moisturizing lip balm alone.

Rp 94.000

Powder with pore blur effect that covers skin bumps and makes skin smooth and silky. Natural minerals and mint ingredients from Jeju work to control the oil and moisture balance of the skin and make it more healthy.

Rp 100.000

Making Deep Tempting Eye Lines! An auto liner with fabulous color and incredible waterproof effect. Draw eye lines and wait just for 10 seconds then try to remove it! No smudges or feathering from water or even sweat!

Rp 130.000

Ah! Much Real My Cushion Blusher is a super-hydrating blush.  Easy to apply, the cushion-tip applicator lets you quickly apply for a buildable coverage. 

Rp 345.000

Peach blossom water fills the skin with moisture, while concealer and primer ingredients offer perfect coverage. Peach Blossom Cushion makes the skin look bright and radiant, like using a reflector board, and gives a soft finish with peach blossom powder.

(Refill Included)

Rp 213.000

"All Kill Brow" helps make your brow coloring, waterproof and thick. It's Dual Type composed of a semi tattoo eyebrow pen and a waterproof eyebrow mascara.

Rp 181.000

Have your new face line at the hands of the greatest sculptor, Rodin. Experience improved facial contours by the breath of an artist.

Rp 99.000

A long lasting tint that fills and dyes sparse, spotty eyebrows. Mineral Ink Brow leaves brows with a natural tint for up to seven days after application.

Rp 102.000

Newly Added

Rp 110.000

A long lasting tinted lipstick with a rich and intense color. Soft touch without any heavy feeling.

Rp 110.000

A long lasting tinted lipstick with intensive color and moisture. This highly pigmented lipstick creates vivid and dewy lustrous lip without any heavy feeling.

Rp 110.000

A long lasting tinted lipstick with intensive color and moisture. This highly pigmented lipstick creates vivid and dewy lustrous lip without any heavy feeling.

Rp 57.000

This eye stick primer gets rid of those unwanted crow's feet around the eyes and leaves the skin looking flawless and feeling hydrated.

Rp 142.000

Full of moisture, refreshing finish! Lightweight, moisturizing sun gel does not leave white residue on skin or make skin oily

Rp 138.000

A body wash with nutritious grape seed oil and wine extract featuring a deep grape fragrance that spreads richly, and a soft, moist finish.

Rp 242.000

A shampoo that contains green tea extract and camellia oil to neatly cleanse impurities from your scalp.

An anti-hair loss shampoo that leaves only a delicate cool and soft feeling. Dexpanthenol, Nicotinamide, Salicylic acid nourish your scalp and hair while improving scalp condition to prevent hair loss and thicken your hair.

Rp 71.000

A sheet mask that adheres snugly and comfortably to the face, providing ample moisture and nutrients in snail secretion filtrate.

Rp 279.000

A moisturizing, antioxidant-rich toner that protects skin from internal and external stress factors.

SKINFOOD's PHYTO MIRACLE™ extraction process yields maximum extract efficiency, while SUBMICRON™ Technology ensures maximum skin cell penetration for comprehensive, total skincare.

Rp 151.000

A weightless and virtually invisible liquid foundation that creates a demi-matte finish.

Rp 110.000

Aloe soothing gel 90% provides a magic moisturizing and soothing on your dry face and body for a long time.


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