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Recommended Products

Rp 21.000

An easy mask sheet makes your skin ready for any situation.

Rp 91.000

Hot girls' hot color!! Smooth as velvet and long-lasting high color tone mini lipstick. Jojoba oil moistens dry chapped lips.

Rp 50.000

Rp 197.000

An innovative Lip Care Mask that creates an all-day smooth, firm lips by softly melting dead skin cells on the lips while you sleep and relieves troubles that could not be solved with moisturizing lip balm alone.

Rp 75.000

The highly moisturizing hand cream with marshmallow cushiony soft texture keeps hands moisturized for long hours as it melts into skin fast without leaving any sticky residue on skin, thanks to the melting system technology.

Rp 95.000

3in1 Trendy Lip Color (Lipstick's Clear Color Formation + Tint's Long-Lasting Effect + LipBalm's Moisturizing Effect)

Rp 598.000

A miracle skin care cream that contains snail mucus and EGF which regenerates and restores wounds, skin troubles and minimizes scars. This cream also provides multi-care effect such as firming, whitening, moisturizing, soothing and taking care of wrinkles.

Rp 180.000

Offers a novel skincare concept with B.B Cream, which lightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability, and prevents skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties.

Rp 262.000

Color Control Cream that creates a radiant and clear make-up appearance as if the skin is being spotlighted.

Rp 191.000

Brush liner helps you to draw clear eye lines with deep color. It is waterproof and no smudge formula so you can enjoy clear lines for a long time. Flexible brush is easy to draw fine and delicate eye lines without stimulation around eyes.

Rp 100.000

Making Deep Tempting Eye Lines! An auto liner with fabulous color and incredible waterproof effect. Draw eye lines and wait just for 10 seconds then try to remove it! No smudges or feathering from water or even sweat!

Newly Added

Rp 40.000

This hair pack contains 10 kinds of protein and 11 kinds of amino acids that fill up dry and damaged hair to provide firm and smooth hair and help maintain hair dye color. It is also wearable during activities for easy and convenient hair care.

Rp 131.000

This shampoo gently cleanses damaged hair from frequent styling with its protein bubbles and helps absorb Protein Ampoule Treatment. Contains 10 kinds of protein ingredients and 17 kinds of amino acid ingredients that provide noticeably soft, smooth and healthy hair.

Rp 97.000

High-nutrient lip care solution to help dry lips to make nourished and hydrated

Rp 30.000

Material : Super Soft Compressed Polyurethane-Flocking

Rp 89.000

A creamy sunscreen that contains broccoli extract, and protects skin against UVA and UVB rays.

Rp 76.000

Shiny Foot, a foot care program to make your feet feel smooth and sparkly shine!

Highly moisturizing foot cream moisturizes and softens dry, callused feet

Rp 240.000

This is a 10 color eye shadow with sweet ice cream colors comes in various textures for different expression of the eyes for different occasions.

Rp 240.000

This is a 10 color eye shadow like a glass of juice comes in various textures for different expression of the eyes for different occasions.

Rp 120.000

Rp 132.000


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